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Conflicting reservations

If you have reserved a facility that is already booked before, for example when you have created a recurring reservation, TOPdesk shows a warning about the reservation. The warning is visible on various locations:

  • My reservations overview

  • Reservations card of conflicting reservation

On top of the reservation card, the conflicting reservation shows a drop-down list containing all conflicting reservations. In case of a recurring reservation, this helps to find all conflicting reservations of that series.

conflicting reservation example.

As one reservation could contain multiple facilities of which only one conflicts with another reservation, the reservation also shows which specific facility causes a conflict.

conflicting reservation notification.

To resolve the conflicting reservation:

  1. Click Edit reservation.

  2. Click Previous to return to step 1 of the reservations process.

    The reservations planner is opened.

  3. Choose a different service or facility. Click the check to remove the first service or facility, and click the plus to add a different one.

  4. Click Next to continue. This button is only available when you have fixed the conflicting reservation.

  5. If required, make changes to step 2.

  6. Click Next to continue.

  7. Click Submit request or Save reservation to submit your updated request, or save your changes.

The reservation is now not conflicting with another reservation anymore.