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Self-Service Portal

simplified and decorative image of the self-service portal


The Self-Service Portal (SSP) helps you keep in contact with your users. With an SSP, your service desk is always open to your users, so that they can request a service, log a call or make a reservation. Regardless of whether your service desk is open or not, your users can make use of the services you provide. Allowing your users to serve themselves increases your productivity and efficiency, while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Tutorial: offering services via the Service Catalogue (YouTube)

Providing a Service Catalogue

Your service catalogue is a collection of all the services you offer your users. By providing the service catalogue via the SSP, your users can request a service, register any problems with the service, as well as find frequently asked questions about the service. Your service provision becomes more transparent and your users are up-to-date on exactly what they can expect from the service.

Logging calls & making reservations

Users can log their own calls via the SSP, which lightens your operators‘ workloads. Furthermore, callers can monitor the progress of their call from the SSP, respond to operators and give feedback when a call has been handled.

The SSP also offers your users the ability to reserve locations, objects and reservable services, such as catering or the setup of a location.

Customizing the Self-Service Portal

To give your Self-Service Portal users a word of welcome you can provide a welcome text on top. A browser tab title for clarity can also be added.

You decide which buttons, or ‘tiles’, you want to add to the (sub)pages of your SSP and in which order. These tiles give your users access to the information and services you provide.

You can change the title of the tile, the image displayed for the tile and to whom the tile is available.

Furthermore, you can create several SSP designs, with different colours, logos, and search bar backgrounds, to show a distinct look and feel to different branches.

By designing the Self-Service Portal, you can set up the portal to show your corporate identity. Your SSP is a tool that helps both you and your users.


You can use the SSP to give your users the opportunity to do the following:

  • Read news items

  • Submit a call

  • View open calls

  • Submit a request for change

  • Chat with operators

  • Order items

  • Make a reservation

  • Register a visitor

  • View the phone book

  • Consult the Knowledge Base

  • View reports