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Op het TOPdesk-documentatieportaal vind je informatie over het instellen en gebruiken van TOPdesk. Hier richten we ons op hoe TOPdesk hoort te werken en bespreken we veelvoorkomende usecases. Waar is een specifieke instelling voor? Hoe maak ik een nieuw middelsjabloon aan? Hoe stel ik de mailimport in? Dat zijn de zaken die je hier zult vinden.

Documentation Portal categories

The TOPdesk Documentation Portal provides various categories:

  • Manuals for TOPdesk modules: This section contains topics about the various TOPdesk modules.

  • Managing TOPdesk: This section contains information aimed specifically at application managers. It helps you with making sure your TOPdesk environment reflects your organization's data and processes, as well as making sure your environment runs smoothly and is integrated with other systems. It contains information about settings that are not module-specific.

  • Working with TOPdesk: This section tells you more about working with TOPdesk as an operator. You learn more about customizing your workspace, and using the functionalities that are not module-specific such as reporting.

  • Installing and updating TOPdesk: If your organization prepares itself and its IT infrastructure for using TOPdesk, or you are looking for information about installing or updating TOPdesk, this section is the place to go.

  • Implementation Guide: Is your organization starting to implement TOPdesk? Use our Implementation Guide to quickly and successfully set up your environment by yourself.


Due to continuous changes we make to our documentation, and saving parts of this page in the cache, the structure of a manual might not appear as intended. Refreshing the page or opening it in a private browser window can solve this issue.

Taal veranderen

Our Documentation Portal currently offers content in English, Dutch, German, and French. You can pick your preferred language on the start page of the portal.

When certain content hasn't been translated yet, it will automatically show up in English.

SaaS or Virtual Appliance

By default, our Documentation Portal shows you our SaaS documentation. This version is updated regularly. Are you looking for information about a specific Virtual Appliance version? Use the Select version option to pick the correct version.

Manuals for Virtual Appliance versions older than 2023 Release 2 are available on My TOPdesk.

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