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Viewing feedback on a knowledge item

As the knowledge manager, you can see how often users give feedback. You can use this information to determine your follow-up actions. The responses are archived.

  • You can check which knowledge items are viewed most often on the Home under Top 10 Most Viewed Items.

  • If you want to view how an item is rated, go to the knowledge item's Information tab. Here you can see how many times the item has been viewed either in total, or over a specific period of time.

To view reactions to a knowledge item:

  1. Go the Knowledge Management module page.

  2. In the Overview block, click on the Knowledge Base Feedback option. Note that the possibility to respond on knowledge items must be enabled via Module Settings > Knowledge Management > General > Functionality.

    The Search results page will open. Here you can view a list of reactions, sorted by the knowledge item number or title, the person who reviewed the item or by whether it was helpful or not.

  3. Click once on the desired review of a Knowledge Item Card.

The feedback will appear at the bottom of the screen. If desired, you can archive or delete the reaction to the knowledge item afterwards.