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Using the data retrieved from Problem Management

There are four opportunities to use the information found:

  • Include the known error in the Knowledge Base.

    This informs everyone in the organization about the new known error, and can contain a workaround to apply in calls. This can be done via Create > Knowledge Item, or ALT+K. Vice versa, you can use Knowledge Base information in the Known Error via More > Copy data from Knowledge Base.

  • Include the known error in the standard solutions.

    Here you can define how to work around the error. This can be done via Create > Standard Solution.

  • Create a change proposal from a known error.

    Here you can suggest how the known error can actually be resolved. The change proposal is processed further in the Change Management module. This can be done via Create > Request for Change.

  • Use the Closure Wizard to close calls that are linked to a problem.

    This lets you inform the callers about the cause of a problem and distribute a workaround. This can be done on the Links tab. Then, select the calls and go to More > Closure Wizard.


Some options might only become visible after reopening the card.