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TOPdesk Mobile

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Introduction to TOPdesk Mobile

As an operator, you want to keep track of your tasks while being on site. TOPdesk Mobile is optimized for your mobile phone’s display and developed with the flexible operator in mind.

TOPdesk Mobile web app for operators

The TOPdesk Mobile app is a web application with the appearance of an app. It supports Calls, Change (Authorization) Activities, Simple Changes, and Operational Activities.

Filter tasks by operator (Own or Group), by branch, and by target date. On the tasks, you can post replies, update the status, assign to other operators, view attachments, and view pictures inline.

Mobile for Self-Service Portal users?

The mobile app is created for operators. For your Self-Service Portal (SSP) users, the regular SSP layout is almost fully responsive and suited to be displayed in a mobile interface. SSP users can simply navigate to the regular TOPdesk SSP URL.

Turn off the old app

Automatically forward your mobile operators to the new TOPdesk Mobile web app by ticking the Turn off the old app checkbox in Functional Settings > Mobile. The page also contains a QR code, offering a shortcut to the new app.To enable or remove the Mobile widget on the Operator section’s homepage, use the Show promotional widget on homepage checkbox under Enable promotional widget.

Display the desktop version

Use the menu, opened from the top-left corner, to give feedback on the app, go to the desktop version, or log out from the app.