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TOPdesk Labs

TOPdesk labs banner.

Join our pioneer users and get a taste of the future TOPdesk. Our labs features are work in progress. Tell us what you think of them, and help us improve our software right from the start. We want to deliver a product you're going to love.

A labs functionality in TOPdesk is feature-incomplete, yet fully operational. It has been tested and you can safely use it. Once enabled, you can disable the feature anytime you want - all data is kept and remains compatible. Also, your TOPdesk environment does not have to be restarted for (de)activation.


Interested in the story behind TOPdesk labs? Read our blog post.


It may occur that a labs functionality will remain a labs functionality for a long time, or will development for it will stop. We cannot guarantee that all labs functionalities will be improved and supported in the long run.