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The Project Management module

The Project Management process

A large amount of data needs to be registered for a project, including the exact planning, the persons involved, the budget and the time taken. Project Management enables you to process and manage all relevant information structurally, as well as remind involved parties to carry out their tasks on time.

A clear structure is important for a good overview of the project. For this reason, TOPdesk distinguishes between projects, projects phases and project activities. It is easy to set up the project structure and adjust it during the project. Moreover, this module enables you to run reports, for instance on the time taken and expenses.

Various persons play a part in the Project Management process, from coordinating projects to completing project activities. As you can see in the diagram below, a project consists of underlying project phases and project activities. A project coordinator plans, monitors and oversees the overall project and its underlying project phases; a project activities operator carries out the project activities needed to complete a specific project phase.

Project Management can play an important role in offering insight into an appropriate order in which to carry out the steps of a project. You can use this module to manage extensive projects (such as moving a department to another branch), but also for relatively straightforward projects (such as the installation of a new workstation).

project management process

Project Management and other modules

The Project Management module is easily compared to the Change Management module. A simple change from that module can be seen as a project activity, an extensive change with accompanying activities as a project phase. Extensive changes even make use of the same Gantt chart for planning as cards from the Project Management module do.

However, Change Management is not equipped for the scope of projects that Project Management can handle. Project Management is better suited to overseeing and, when necessary, restructuring bigger projects.

It is also possible to link versions, milestones and meetings to cards from Project Management. A version can be a migration date that applies to several activities and/or changes; a milestone represents a specific deadline within a version, such as an important meeting. This functionality is shared with Change Management.

The diagram below offers a detailed view on how Project Management is linked with other parts of TOPdesk. As you can see, the Links tab of many cards from Project Management can be used to link to cards from other TOPdesk modules. The above-mentioned links with Change Management are also featured.

project management links with other modules.