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The Dashboard of Operations Management

On the Dashboard you have access to widgets with the current situation, existing selections and reports and a button for new reports, selections or KPIs. You can open the Dashboard for Operations Management in the following manner:

  1. Open via TOPdesk Menu > Dashboard, or from your Home with the Dashboard button.

    The Dashboard will open on a new tab.

  2. Under Navigation, select the Operations Management module.

Current situation

From the Current Situation it is easy to see how many activities still need to be processed. The activities are divided in the total number of currently open operational activities, the operational activities of which the end date has elapsed (Operations Management - overdue) and the operational activities with a target date of today, tomorrow or this week. If you click on a number in the Own, Groups, All, or Unassigned column, an overview will open. In this overview all activities that still need to be executed are show, for example.

Reports and selections

In the Reports and Selections widgets, you can click through to the planned reports and all saved reports and selections.

New Reports/KPIs

From the New Reports/KPIs widget you can create new reports or KPIs, as well as new selections for Operations Management.