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Survey Management

The Survey Management process

Surveys are a good way of acquiring information on various kinds of processes within your organization. This information can be used to gain insight into the satisfaction of your customers and/or employees, for instance. Filling in a survey demands little time and effort from the respondent, and gives your organization valuable input regarding the services it provides.

You can add open, multiple choice and multiple-select questions to a survey of Survey Management. Afterwards, these surveys are linked to a campaign. After this campaign is set up, you send out the survey via a mailing, in which you define the target group. It is also possible to send out multiple mailings, when you want to approach multiple target groups, for instance.

In the diagram below, you can see the different phases of a survey, campaign and mailing.

survey management diagram

The Survey Management module can be used to conduct both small and large-scale surveys. You can define the group of respondents as accurately as you want: callers of calls within a certain timespan, for instance, or men and women of a certain age category.