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Search settings


These settings are only accessible in TOPdesk Virtual Appliance. For TOPdesk SaaS, contact TOPdesk Support if you want to check, or make changes to, these settings.

You can determine a number of settings related to searching in TOPdesk, such as the number of search results and fuzzy searches. Before you can use the search function, you must first:

  • Indicate the settings for searching via Technical Settings > Search > General. For more information about these settings, please see the explanation below.

  • Then, create the search indexes via Technical Settings > Search > Index status. You can then generate indexes for everything or only certain cards. For more information, see Search index.


Changing these settings can affect the performance and the amount of memory that TOPdesk uses. We strongly recommended that you only change these settings when under instruction from TOPdesk Support or another TOPdesk employee.

Search results

  • Maximum number of results: the maximum number of results for a search request. The following applies: the lower the number, the faster the search is completed.

  • Include auto-complete suggestions with diacritics (such as accents and umlauts): during a search, results with accents and umlauts will also be displayed. For example: if this option is ticked and you search for the Person Card for Mrs Müller, TOPdesk would also find it if you type 'Muller' in the search field. This option is disabled by default.

  • Enable advanced search for documents: you can use Advanced Search to search for cards via their linked documents. TOPdesk can search the content of the following file types: TXT, PDF, RTF, XML, HTML, Word and Open Office documents. After activating this option, TOPdesk must be restarted in order for the search index for documents to become available. Once you do this, you must create the search index for documents on the Search index sub tab. Uploaded documents with particular file types will be indexed in a common index. The name and description of the card will also be included in the index.

  • Enable search suggestions: TOPdesk can show search suggestions when using the quick search functionality. However, these might contain suggestions generated by cards that are filtered away for some operators. Disable search suggestions to avoid the risk of this information showing up. Additionally, it may slightly improve the search performance.

Fuzzy search

TOPdesk supports fuzzy searches. This means that different writing styles or spelling mistakes will no longer pose an obstacle. E.g. if you were to search for 'printer’, TOPdesk will also find calls that include 'pinter'.

  • Accuracy: accuracy of the search, from high to low. If you enter High, for example, TOPdesk will only display the results that match your search term exactly. If you enter Medium, one character may differ. If you enter Low, TOPdesk will also display results that contain two characters different from your search term.


    When this setting is set to High, it will take longer to search in TOPdesk.

  • Number of characters that must match at beginning of search term: the number of characters of the search term that must be matched exactly in the search. For example if this has been set to '4', only results that match the first four characters of the search term exactly will be displayed.


You can disable fuzzy search when using the advanced search option if you wish. You can still perform exact searches; you can do this by using quotations marks. When you search for “Printer”, TOPdesk will only find calls that include this exact word.

Search index

See Search index below.

Restore default settings

Table 1. 


Default settings

Maximum number of results


Include auto-complete suggestions with diacritics (such as accents and umlauts)


Enable advanced search for documents




Number of characters that must match at beginning of search term


Folder for index file storage

'searchindex', or ‘/opt/topdesk/TOPdesk/searchindex/’ for TOPdesk VA ('searchindex' folder in the installation folder)

Update search index

1 minute