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Reviewing the progress of your calls: Response Time reports

Do you respond in time to your open calls? When you’ve made agreements about response times, this report gives insight into whether you’ve met or breached these agreements. Get insight into your compliancy level per month, and learn how often you've achieved your response time agreements. Drill down in the report to view the involved calls.


Response times and this report are available when you have the Contract Management and SLM license.


To report on the durations of calls, you need permissions under Call Management > Reports on calls (read + create), Call Management > First line calls/Second line calls, and under API Access > Advanced reporting data access (read).

  1. Open the report via TOPdesk Menu > New > Report > Response Time Compliance Report.

  2. Select the values you want to filter on. You can filter on time period, branch, priority, and service.

  3. Click Run report.

Saving reports
  1. Set up the report in the panel on the left.

  2. Under Templates, click on the context menuasset context menu..

  3. Click Save template.

  4. Enter a name for your report.

  5. Click Save template.

  6. Press Close to close to pop-up menu.

You can now reuse your report by choosing it in the drop-down list of Templates.