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Reporting functionalities in TOPdesk

With TOPdesk, you can report on all fields available in TOPdesk. The Report Wizard tool walks you through the process of creating the report. During the process, you can apply filters, determine which fields should be included, group the results and indicated how the report should be displayed. Additional functionalities of the Report Wizard include the option to create reports based on existing selections, as well as grouping the reports based on time span or percentile.

A few examples of reports are available here: Example reports.

Setting up reports

You can set up your own reports. You can save the reports you create, adjust them at a later stage, export them to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF, and publish them on the Self-Service Portal.

OData and Business Intelligence tools

Want to take your reporting a step further? Generate your own customized reports directly from the database by using the TOPdesk OData feed in combination with external Business Intelligence (BI) tools, such as Microsoft Power BI.


The Report Wizard is not available for the Asset Management module. Further reporting can be done with the Asset Type Report or the OData feed.