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Problem Management

The Problem Management process

problem management diagram.

Problem Management helps you improve your services by processing (large) groups of calls more quickly. You also prevent new calls. This lets you enhance the effectiveness of your organization and the quality of your customer experiences.

You suspect that a group of calls is caused by the same problem and you want to find out whether this is the case. In the Problem Management module, these calls are collected in a Problem. The Problem then becomes a Known Error, for which you define a workaround. This lets your service desk process these types of new calls quickly and efficiently, while minimizing customer disruption. You propose a permanent solution to prevent new calls coming in. This proposal is processed in the Change Management module. Such a Change can be created from a Problem or Known Error. Once the solution is implemented, you can easily inform the customers involved of the new situation. Besides detecting current problems, you can also identify problems in advance to prevent any inconvenience.Change Management

The Problem Management module is not only integrated with Call Management and Change Management, but also with Asset Management, which enables you to link objects involved with the problem. The Knowledge Base and Standard Solutions integration lets you easily publish Known Errors and workarounds.Call Management