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Order Management

Order Management in TOPdesk

In your organization, you may want to offer your users the option to order items. TOPdesk offers the option of setting up an order portal, so that you can show exactly what you have to offer and your users can directly request items. In TOPdesk, setting up an order portal is integrated in several modules, however it still requires a separate license.

After setting up an order portal, your users can order the items you offer via the Self-Service Portal. Your users will see a service, for example the ability to order office supplies. Opening this service, the user can be presented with several options, such as the option to order standard items that are always in stock, or the option to order non-standard options. If needed, you can have orders require authorization. A manager will then need to authorize the order.

After a user has ordered an item, operators can process the order requests and deliver the items in the Operator’s Section. If items are recorded in a stock, the stock is then adjusted.


Order Management is currently not fully compatible with the Asset Management module. See knowledge item KI 15218 on My TOPdesk for the most up to date status. This manual currently focuses on using Order Management with the old Configuration Management.