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Operations Management

The Operations Management process

operations management diagram.

The Operations Management module makes it quicker to plan and manage the operational activities in your organization. You can quickly and easily record these activities and monitor the progress. You will no longer need to worry about supportive tasks such as preventive maintenance, cleaning all the different rooms at a branch, providing annual income tax reports or exchanging backup tapes.

Scheduling operational activities

In TOPdesk you can easily schedule operational activities in the user-friendly planner. If you wish to schedule a recurring activity, you can use a series. You can use a series to register a recurrency pattern and schedule activities automatically. Series are also part of schemas Schemas are used to group the series

Performing and monitoring

All operational activities are in one overview in the Planner, so that you can adjust the planning automatically. You can assign operational activities to Operator (Group)s from the Operational Activity Card or from the Plan Board. Once you have performed the activity, the Operator registers their actions in a number of clicks using a simple checklist. You can also track the progress on your Dashboard.

Intelligent integration

The Operations Management module is cleverly integrated with Call Management and Long-term Planning. As a result, a service desk employee could schedule a recurring maintenance activity from a malfunction call, for example, in order to prevent the malfunction recurring.