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Managing certificates

With many different settings and functionalities requiring certificates, it can become difficult to find where a certain certificate is used. Use the Certificates settings page, found in Settings > Functional Settings > Certificates, to manage all certificates uploaded to your environment.


Do you get a notification banner about an expiring certificate directly after logging in? Use the Certificates page to find out where the certificate was uploaded, or to upload the new certificate to ensure that the old certificate is correctly replaced.

If the banner mentions an SAML certificate has expired, see the (various) SAML configurations via Functional Settings > Login Settings > General > SAML login for finding and updating the certificate.

The certificates page contains an overview with the following information per certificate:

  • Domain

  • Valid from

  • Valid until

  • Uploaded in (showing the settings page, not the specific configuration)

Besides inspecting your certificates, the Certificates page allows you to upload to and remove certificates from your TOPdesk Truststore.


The settings page is visible with read permissions for Functional Settings.

Any certificate can be removed with write permissions for Functional Settings.


TOPdesk can use any uploaded certificate for any functionality. Therefore, do not always fully rely on the ‘Uploaded in’ column of the overview to determine if a certificate can be removed. Make sure you know what the certificate is used for first.