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Long-Term Planning


Long-Term Planning is no longer part of our current offering. This module and its documentation are only relevant if you're still on our old pricing model.


long term planning diagram.

The Long-term Planning module helps you to plan the maintenance activities in your building and register the corresponding costs. This will give you insight into the budget that you will need in order to ensure that your buildings are well taken care of in the coming years.

In the planner, the individual responsible will be able to see his or her activities and the related costs to come for each year. Within this planner, you can make changes to upcoming activities in just a few mouse clicks. You can also formulate different scenarios and compare them with one another.

The Long-term Planning is cleverly integrated with Property Management, Operations Management and Configuration Management, enabling you to easily see which maintenance activities have already been planned for each room or element.


Scenarios are alternative plans that you can define. You can determine per scenario which planning activities must be performed in which year, as well as the accompanying costs.


For activities linked to a scenario, all information regarding quantity and cost are registered in the linked scenario. Unlinking an activity from a scenario will result in the loss of this information.

Planning activity

Planning activities are used to describe which maintenance activity needs to be performed and at what time. You can also enter information about the budget holder and the location where the maintenance is performed.