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KPI Wizard

Use the KPI Wizard to create KPIs.

The KPI Wizard comprises six steps:

  • Time span choice and filters

  • Fields

  • Groups

  • KPI diagram settings

  • Display options

  • Result

The steps will be explained as you go along.

Below you can find topics that are not mentioned in the KPI Wizard itself.

Time span choice and filters

TOPdesk includes whole periods. A KPI report that is compiled in December with a period of '1 month ago until now' then always begins on 1 November.

The date filter accepts values up to 400.


In the Fields screen, you specify the fields to be included in your KPI.

You can only use one field, which will serve as the indicator.


By default, the KPI will be grouped by the period that you entered in step 1. If you want to group by other details, you can do this in the Group 2 block and the Group 3 block. These groupings are visible when you view the KPI.

Options under Group by:

  • Do not use: the results will not be grouped further.

  • Field: the results will be grouped by a specific field.

    • If you have selected all logged incidents in Fields and you want to know which callers have registered these incidents, go to the Group 2 block and under Group by: select Caller.

    • If you want to know under which categories a caller registers incidents, in the Group 3 block under Group by: beside Field, select Category.

  • Period: the results will be grouped by year, quarter, month, week or day.

  • Percentile: the results are grouped by a specific field and displayed per 5%.

Use the Group filter filter icon to determine whether or not certain fields, periods or percentages (depending on your selection in the Group by: block) are included in the KPI.

A KPI can contain a maximum of two extra grouping levels.

KPI diagram settings

Here you determine how the KPI diagram is displayed on the Module Page.

Specify a norm value, warning boundary and an error boundary for each KPI. The norm value is the value that is usually reached. In the case of a bar chart, the bars up until that value will be displayed in green. Values that breach the warning boundary will be displayed in orange. Values over the error boundary will be displayed in red.

Display options

In the Display Options screen, you can choose how to display the KPI. This is how the KPI will be displayed in a widget on the module page.


Your KPI will be displayed on the Results screen. Save the report by clicking Save.