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Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management process

The Knowledge Base provides valuable information to help you fill in and process calls, requests and so forth. The Knowledge Base can be used in the following ways:

  • As an encyclopedia with internal information for operators.

  • As an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for callers in the Self-Service Portal.

  • For news items on the Home for both operators and Self-Service Portal users.

The Knowledge Base is set up and managed by your organization’s knowledge manager. Every operator is able to use information from the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is integrated with the Call Management and Problem Management module, so you can use information from a knowledge item in a call or problem. It is also possible to use information from a call or problem to create new knowledge items or to update existing items.

The Knowledge Base has three user groups:

  • Operators with editing authorization (the knowledge manager, for example).

  • Operators with read-only authorization.

  • Self-Service Portal users with read-only authorization.

Sharing knowledge with your users

With TOPdesk, you can share knowledge in various ways. Watch our Knowledge Management video tutorial (YouTube) to find out how you can share news and other information via the Operator’s Section, and how to find this knowledge in the Self-Service Portal.