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Handling error messages in actions

When an action cannot be fully executed, an error message is shown in the Execution logs. The log contains data on when an action was executed (also for successful executions), and for which card the action was performed. A maximum of 50 successful and unsuccessful executions are saved, before the oldest log entries are deleted.

To open the executions logs:

  1. Open an action from the Automated Actions overview.

  2. Click Open execution logs.

    You have opened the execution logs of your action.

On the left, a list of executions is shown. Click on a log entry to show the execution logs of a specific execution. On the right, the logs of the chosen execution appear and can be analyzed. You can enable (or disable) automatic refresh of the page, and filter the list of executions on their status.

If an action is performed for a specific card, you find a clickable link to that card right above the summary and details of an execution.

The shown execution dates are by default shown in UTC time. It is not possible to change this.


For log entries to be accessible, an operator must have Read execution logs permission (under the Action Management - Automated Actions block) assigned.

Abort execution

If the execution of an action is either ‘queued’ or ‘in progress’, an Abort execution button appears below the Execution logs section.

Abort execution button under 'Execution logs' header.

When you abort an execution that is already in progress, it is stopped after the current step is completed.