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Example reports

Registered time report over multiple modules

Create a report over the registered time per operator, with time spent in different modules all gathered together. In this example we will create a report over the time registered in incidents, changes and change activities.

  1. In Power BI, go to Recent Sources and select the OData feed connection.

  2. In the Navigator window, select the following endpoints:

    • Operators

    • IncidentTimeRegistration

    • ChangeActivityTimeRegistration

    • ChangeTimeRegistration

  3. Click Load.

    The loaded endpoint tables are shown on the right-hand side under Fields.

  4. Open the different TimeRegistration endpoints and make sure they all contain the columns ‘id’, ‘operatorId’, ‘timeSpent_inSeconds’, and ‘entryDate’.

  5. To gather the time registration data of all modules in one table, click Transform data > in the Power Query Editor, click on the drop-down menu of Append Queries > select Append Queries as New.

  6. Tick Three or more tables.

  7. Move the TimeRegistration endpoints to the right, to Tables to append. Remove the Operators table from there so that it’s only visible on the left.

  8. Click OK.

    A new table appears under the other endpoints tables. You can rename it, e.g. to AppendTimeRegistration.

  9. When the new table is done, close the Query Editor.

  10. To create a relationship between the new AppendTimeRegistration table and the Operators endpoint table, click on the Relationships odata relationships icon or Model tab on the left.

  11. In the newly created AppendTimeRegistrations table, select the ‘operatorId’ column, and drag-and-drop it to the ‘id’ column in the Operators table.

    The AppendTimeRegistrations and Operators tables are now related to each other.

  12. Go to the Report odata report icon tab to set up the report.

  13. Under Visualizations, select the report type you want to use, for example a Clustered Column Chart.

  14. Under Fields, select the data you want to use and drag it to the different report options. For example:

  15. Open AppendTimeRegistration, and drag ‘entryDate’ to the field under Axis. Remove the date options you don’t need for the report.

  16. Open Operators, and drag ‘name’ to the field under Legend.

  17. Open AppendTimeRegistration, and drag ‘timeSpent_inSeconds’ to the field under Values.

You have created a report over the registered time in multiple modules.