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Creating a Public Form

To create a new Public Form:

  1. Go to the Self-Service Portal module page.

  2. Under Overview, click on Public Forms.

  3. In the top right corner, click Create new form.

    A new Public Form is created.

  4. In addition to the default fields, add the desired components to the form.

  5. Save the form with Save form.

You have created a Public form.


Users can only access the Public Form by using the direct link. Because the link contains two unique identifiers, you won’t risk any use of the form at this point. You can save the form without publishing it yet.

Form components

The panel on the left displays the various form components you can use to set up the form. Compared to Self-Service Portal forms, you can use less different fields: Name, Email, and general fields. General fields can be added to a form more than once, while adding a second Name or Email field stops you from saving the form.

Add form components to the form by dragging and dropping a components to the design area in the middle of the screen.

Design area

The design area is where you design the form. By default, the form consists of a name, email address, and message field. You can drag and drop field components to the desired location, and rearrange them once you have added them.

To revert any changes, click Undo. If the change was better after all, click Redo to make the change again.