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Application manager

Setting up the Long-Term Planning Module

In the Module Settings you can manage the settings that specifically apply to the Long-term Planning module. The Module settings for the Long-term Planning module can be found under TOPdesk Menu > Settings > Module Settings > Long-Term Planning.

Functionalities block

You can (de)activate two functionalities in this block:

  • Scenarios: you can decide to use scenarios in TOPdesk. If you decide to work with scenarios, then you can determine at a later date which scenario will be used to schedule your maintenance. This will become the active scenario: the scenario currently used. The other scenarios serve as alternatives to consider or which have been considered in the past.

  • Execute in Operations Management: if you have access to the Operations Management module, you can use TOPdesk to put your planning into action. Ticking the 'Execute in Operations Management' option makes it easy to create operational activities from planning activities.

Indexing block

In this block you can indicate how you wish to index.

  • Activate indexing with general index: index based on a fixed percentage from the reference year determined by you.

  • Activate indexing with annual index: determine the index number per year and enter it under the heading 'Specific indexing data for Annual and Work Type'.

  • Activate indexing on work type: determine the index number per work type and enter it under the heading 'Specific indexing data for Annual and Work Type'.

Other settings

Settings that (also) affect other modules are managed in a different section of the System settings. The most important settings not located here are:

  • Authorizations: for an operator to be able to use Long-Term Planning, the application manager needs to assign authorizations to them.

  • Tasks: for an operator to be available to be assigned as manager of a scenario or activity, the tasks for Scenario Manager and/or Planning Activity Manager have to be ticked on the Operator and Operator Group cards.