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API access to TOPdesk

API features and requirements

TOPdesk comes with an application programming interface (API). The API allows you to integrate other systems with TOPdesk. For instance, you can add a widget to your intranet that shows users current calls or reservations, or you can create a link with your monitoring system that allows users to directly log calls into TOPdesk.


You can access the API via https://[TOPdeskURL]/tas/api/.

Which processes does the API support?

The extent of API support differs per process. We continuously expand the number of supported processes. For all available APIs, please see our TOPdesk API documentation page.

Not a beginner’s guide: target audience for the API manual

The API manual will guide you through the steps needed to access and view the TOPdesk API, and to use it to retrieve data from TOPdesk. However, it will not explain the techniques used: HTTP, REST and JSON. To understand and use this manual, you need to be familiar with the data model of TOPdesk and the formatting of JSON data.

Requirements to access the API

Before accessing API, you must first:

  1. Enable TOPdesk authentication and/or LDAP authentication in the Operator Section of your TOPdesk environment.

  2. Create a user that will call the API. We recommend that you create a separate operator or person account for every application that needs access to the API, for easy troubleshooting. Whether you need an operator or person account depends on the realm (Operator Section or Self-Service Portal) you want to access. Make sure the user has a TOPdesk and/or LDAP login.

  3. Create a permission group that allows the use of the API. Assign read permissions for REST API, and write permissions for Use application passwords (in the API Access permission block).

  4. Link the API user(s) to this API permission group, and to other permission groups they need in order to access the desired parts of TOPdesk.

  5. Install a tool to create and test HTTP requests. In this manual you will see examples with the Talend API Tester Chrome extension (formerly known as Restlet Client). Some of the instructions apply to this tool specifically, but you can use a different tool. Most tools work similarly.

    The Talend API Tester extension appears as purple polygon icon in your browser. Click it to open the extension.